Plush Toys made with Character

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 Cute Designer Plush Toys by Stuffed Silly! 

Stuffed Silly Plush Characters

Welcome to my little world! This is the home for some unique plush toy collectibles. These animals and furry monsters are all designed and made by the artist behind Stuffed Silly. Each one of these soft creations is a limited edition, high in quality and handcmade with care.

What's Available in the Shop

These cute plush toys are just some of the latest additions to the Stuffed Silly family.

Recent Entries from Stuffed Silly's Blog:

Custom Plush Toys!

I also make OOAK (one of a kind) stuffed animals. If you're interested in a toy based off your design, I'd be more than happy to help. Please check out the new FAQs page for information about one-of-a-kind plush.

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