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New Plush Bunnies on the Block

Sunday, November 01, 2009

There's a couple of more waffle bunnies here to join Stuffed Silly. Some of the other bunnies decided to show up and welcome them to the family. Though between you and me, I think it was so they could be in the photo... they just love having their picture taken. For the original blue bunny I felt that the contrast was just a little too dark (you can see him on the left in the back). Don't worry... he'll still stick around but now there's another little fellow with a softer and lighter blue for trim.

new colours for the plush toy waffle bunnies

I'm still not quite sure about this lilac purple bunny.... I might need to keep looking for a nice colour to match.

Posted at 5:06 PM by Stuffed Silly
Categories: Latest Stuffed Animals

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