Plush Toys made with Character

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Plush Toys from Stuffed Silly

Here you'll find just a few of the creations that I've made. These stuffed animals have either retired or I just no longer make them (some weren't really popular). If you're interested in seeing some of my past work, click on any of the images below to check out the galleries.

Waffle Bunnies

waffle purple plush bunny

Limited edition bunnies that come in a variety of colours

Cute Stuffed Animals

waffle chenille baby chick

Silly monkeys, baby chickens and other kinds of animals

Furry Monsters

multi-coloured monster

We all need to experiment every now and then

Some of my more recent designs. I'm always trying to improve my characters and I'm planning to continue making new plush for these two collections. There is a third Series that I've been working on and off for about 8 months now. The first stuffed toy in this new line should be released sometime in October 2013.

The Frost Monster Series

Frost Monster

Rare limited edition snow creatures. Cute and unique toys inspired by the yeti....

Forest of Fru Series

Cute Woodland Creature - Freya

Currently there is only Freya. The other plush characters will be released by 2014.