Plush Toys made with Character

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Furry and Unique Plush Monsters

I wouldn't really say that these monsters are scary... they are just plain silly.

The Grupps Family:

black shaggy fur monster with red fleece black shaggy monsters (group picture #1) black shaggy monsters (group picture #2) black shaggy monsters (group picture #3) black shaggy monster (baby version)

These are made with a black shaggy fun fur and red polyester fleece.  The big version of these monsters were designed first.  After, I was inspired to make a smaller 'baby' version.  Notice the goofy cross-eyed look (it is a baby Grupp after all).

Crazy Fun Fur Monster:

multi-coloured monster(side view) multi-coloured monster (front view)  

When I first saw this fabric I just had to make some sort of stuffed toy out of it.  It's a red shag fur with bits of yellow and green fur.  This one might be a little scary to look at for the little ones but at the same time, it's so cute.

Green Shaggy Penguin Monster:

bright green shaggy fur monster with purple spikes (front view) bright green shaggy fur monster (side view)

It started out as a monster that was a combination of a bear, penguin and a little bit of dinosaur (see the scales).  This guy is still in an experimental stage and I'm hoping to fix it up a bit.

The Toy Gallery

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